XS Range of Cosmetics

We are coming out with a special range of cosmetic products well suited for markets in India and all over the globe.We call it "The XS Range of Cosmetic Products". The term XS is a slang for the word excess thus portraying that we offer excess of everything right from quality till satisfaction of the consumer.

XS - GLO Radiant Cleansing Lotion

Some Ideal properties which makes this cleansing lotion better than the rest.

  • Gentle to the skin
  • Paraben Free
  • For all types of skins
  • Non-Greasy
  • Enriched with Neem Extract

XS - GLO Rejuvenating Moisture Balance Lotion

  • This nourishing lotion improves health of the skin day by day leaving it smooth and soft.
  • This complex rejuvenates, hydrates and maintains the moisture balance of the skin

XS - Silkee Clear Dandruff Lotion

  • The XS Range of Cosmetic Products are unique and made using state-of-art technology and blended with a wealth of experience and skill.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities and we strive hard to fulfill these two key factors while formulating our products.

XS - Silkee Tri-Action Shampoo

  • This specially formulated Shampoo helps remove build up from the hair and scalp and cleanses it gently.
  • While special conditioners improve body, shine and manageability of the hair, XS-Silkee Tri-Action Shampoo penetrates , nourishes and strengthens hair from the inside.


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